Attack the root cause of discomfort


Attack the Root 
 Cause of Joint Discomfort

Don’t Just Temporarily Mask the Symptoms

You want healthy joints for life. That’s why it’s important to attack the root cause of joint discomfort. Masking the symptoms may make you feel temporarily better, but it allows joint problems to get even worse. Cartilage “fragmentation” is the root cause of joint pain. You see, cartilage is the “front line” defense against joint pain. Cartilage “buffers” the ends of the bones that meet. Think of it as a “spongey” shock absorber. Cartilage literally “covers” the ends of bones preventing them from rubbing together when you move. But due to injury, or aging, cartilage can begin to “fragment.” These cartilage fragments then lodge themselves directly in the joint. This is when you feel pain and experience loss of flexibility and diminished range of motion. When enough cartilage degrades, bones begin to rub against one another causing osteo-arthritis. What causes cartilage fragmentation?
An injury directly to the cartilage, or course. Or the aging process in general. But injuries to tendons and ligaments also lead to “cartilage fragmentation” as weakened tendons and ligaments place greater stress on your cartilage. So what can you do to create healthy cartilage?
ON YOUR GAME is clinically proven to inhibit the discomfort-causing fragmentation of cartilage in men. In double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials, the men taking ON YOUR GAME reduced pain by 26%, decreased stiffness by 35%, and increased range of motion by 25%. That was in just 12 weeks. And there’s more…
Your cartilage is made primarily of collagen. So are your tendons and ligaments. The amount, and condition, of collagen is by far the largest determinant of the health of all three. The University of Washington medical journal cites: “The material strength and biological properties of articular cartilage depend heavily on its uniquely and extensively cross-linked collagen network.” That’s “medical speak” for healthy collagen equals healthy cartilage. In a separate clinical trial, the active ingredient in ON YOUR GAME, ch-OSA, is proven to generate collagen. So you can easily see why with ON YOUR GAME, you can now attack the root cause of joint discomfort – not just mask the symptoms.